Introducing Magic Sleek!!! Magic Sleek is a Formaldehyde Free Hair Straightening Treatment! You can get the service for helping maintain Damaged hair, Increase Shine, and to help with frizzy hair. Within the 3 years of using this product I have seen so many great results from this Product. Although, It is not a Keratin Treatment but it is  a Temporary Relaxer. Magic Sleek has natural Ingredients such as Vitamin E, and unsaturated fatty acids which is nutrition to the hair and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals like a Keratin treatments. Unlike a Keratin Treatment which coats the hair cuticle, Magic Sleeks penetrate the hair shaft and locks in the moisture (working into the cuticle) helping damaged hair that is cause by Chemical Service. 
Magic Sleek Express which only has two steps, saves more time, you still get the same benefits as the traditional Magic Sleek, and last up to 3 to 4 months.Processing time vary depending on stylist and client results and time.

Magic Sleek Has A 3 Step Kit Which Is 1. Prepare Shampoo – AkA Clarifying But It Is Magic Sleek Brand, 2. The Relaxer (Magic Sleek Solution), 3. Finisher ( Neutralizer, Helps Seals The Product), This Treatment Can Last Up To 5 Or More Months Depending On Home Aftercare.

Magic Sleek Express Which Only Has Two Steps, Saves More Time, You Still Get The Same Benefits As The Traditional Magic Sleek, And Last Up To 3 To 4 Months. Processing Time may Vary Depending On Stylist And Client Results And Time.

More benefits that Magic Sleek could be the best Treatment for you:
cuts down your blowing time
You can wash your hair same day service
Color your hair same day service
Magic Sleek is for all hair types
Very Versatile being that you can wear your hair curly or straight
You can make your hair super straight with a couple alterations being done to achieve the look you are going for.
You can wear your hair curly with the help of the Magic Sleek taming the frizz and defining the curl pattern, making your hair easy to maintain.

Check out to find a salon near you to get this service.

Tips for Consultation:
Make sure you let the select stylist know how often you wash your hair.
If you are allergic to any Ingredients.
(Summer time) If you would be getting into the pool a lot.
Color your hair.
If you want volume, still would like your curl pattern or Sleek Results.

Thanks guys for checking out the Product of the Week! Enjoy!

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